Seniors Forward Planning Before Air Travel

Seniors Forward Planning Before Air Travel
Seniors Forward Planning Before Air Travel

The younger generations are eager to explore the world, take on all of the sights and bask in the cultures of foreign climes. With air travel now being as widespread as it is, individuals do have the opportunity to see places that older generations never dreamed of visiting. However, that is not to say that seniors should not have the opportunity to enjoy their retirement by seeing some of the world. Indeed, everyone should visit a far off country if for no other reason than to exploit his or her freedom!

It is understandable that many seniors are wary of flying. It can be a frightening experience if you have never done it before or if you are planning to take a longer trip than you normally would. However, the thought of it should not put you off. Aircraft are safer than ever at the moment, with rigorous checks in place to ensure that all safety standards are met. In fact, the experience can be quite pleasurable. You just have to relax and ensure that your preparations are complete before you set foot inside the airport.

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All seniors should have a health check before they book a flight and then again in the week before travelling. This is to ensure that you’re completely healthy and there will be no health complications to ruin your trip. You should have a routine check that consists of a blood pressure check, brief eye exam and a chat about any recent health problems you may or may not have encountered at the very minimum. You should also ask your doctor about medication routines before you fly.

Some drugs may increase the chances of blood clots, also known as deep vein thrombosis, occurring and your doctor will be able to advise you on the risks and precautions to take with this sort of medication. He or she will also be able to advise you on a medication routine that would fit in with the time zone you are travelling to so that regular doses are being taken when necessary. Make sure that you take your medication on board with you. You should have enough to last for at least three or four days with you just in case the other supplies that you check at the airport get lost with your luggage. Never take a flight with just enough medication to last until you land. Similarly, if you are epileptic, asthmatic or diabetic, always take your medication onboard with you. You never know when you may need it, but always let the travel and flight company a couple of days before you have to fly so that thy are expecting you with that medication.

Going back to deep vein thrombosis, it can be more common in the more vulnerable and so seniors should take extra precautions. Firstly, invest in a pair of flight socks or stockings. Flight stockings are special socks that are like surgical stockings. They are designed to be tight in order to stimulate blood flow and thus should at least be worn to just above the knee, although it is advisable that seniors wear them to at least mid-thigh.

When you are actually on the flight, you should move at least once every hour, whether it means a trip to the bathroom or just walking up and down the cabin a couple of times. This will encourage blood flow and thus prevent blood clots occurring. However, if you are unable to get out of your seat regularly, there are some exercises that you can do in your seat. Cycle your feet every twenty minutes and pull your knees up as far as you can between ten and twenty times. Again, this encourages the blood to flow, whether you do it for two minutes or ten minutes every hour or so. It is all about movement!

As you can see, taking a flight as a senior requires a lot of forward planning. It is not as simple as just booking and hopping on a flight. You must make sure that you are prepared before you actually get on the flight. There are real hazards for seniors when flying, but that should not put you off. If you prepare well then there is no reason why anything should not go according to plan.…

6 Tips on How to Plan & Maximize your Disney World Family Vacation

If you’re considering a trip to Disney World, it’s likely you’re not sure where to start. Disney World is not only one of the world’s top destinations for a fun-filled family vacation but also the Most Magical Place on the Planet. Planning your family vacation to this magical destination can be quite stressful and confusing; both before the trip and once you’ve gotten there. Well, the following tips will help you plan and maximize your next Walt Disney World family vacation. 

Don’t Power Through a Full Day at the Parks

Of course, you’re here to have fun to the fullest but that doesn’t mean you should spend the entire day at the parks, from open to close. If you’re coming with older folks, keep in mind that they may prefer a more leisurely morning. You must come up with a plan and agree on where to meet your older folks and probably when to spend a couple of hours together. Kids, on the other hand, may want to wake up early and need a nap in the afternoon. You have to take them back to the hotel for the nap. In the evening you can enjoy dinner and other attractions together. 

Research Rides and Attractions Before you Head on your Family Vacation

It’s important that you come up with a list of rides good for all ages. You don’t want to induce heart attacks to the older folks or make it too scary for the kids. The goal is to ensure both the little ones and seniors don’t miss out on the rides and attractions. Remember every ride and attraction has reviews on the appropriate age group.

Bring your Own Strollers

All the parks in Walt Disney World have stroller parking, with no limit to how long one can park. Visitors can rent strollers but aren’t allowed to leave the parks with them. It’s, therefore, best you bring your own stroller so you won’t have to worry about carrying your child or waking her up when they fall asleep. 

Purchase Groceries and Toiletries in Advance 

You should avoid purchasing groceries from Disney gift shops as they are expensive. You can save time and money by ordering groceries in advance of your Disney World trip and having them delivered to your hotel. Orlando Grocery Express and Garden Grocer offer these services to different hotels. Must-have items include fruits, power bars, cases of water, and sunscreen. 

Skip the Disney Dining Plan

Who doesn’t want to save money during their Disney World family vacation? Are you sure you really need to each steak and other expensive entrees for every meal? Anyone looking to save money will prefer more economical meal options off the Disney Dining Plan. Don’t forget you want to have a fun-filled family vacation. So, go ahead and compare the cost of paying for food out of pocket against that of the Disney Dining Plan. 

Plan a “Free’ Day

Yes, you need a free day where you don’t have to include theme parks on your schedule. There are other free things you can do such as shopping at Disney Springs, taking a resort tour, swimming in your hotel’s pool, strolling around the resort, and engaging in other activities that will recharge your energy for the rest of your vacation.